Roosevelt Island Cats' Best Friend

Looking for a Cat Sitter?

Handle With Care © Deborah Julian
Handle With Care © Deborah Julian

For over six years, Deborah Julian has looked after Roosevelt Islander's cats.

She'd like to make sure your best feline friends get the finest, most loving care when you're away. Read her story.

  • One visit per day minimum
  • Cats fed according to your instructions
  • Litter boxes cleaned
  • Play with their favorite toys? Yes, a pleasure!
  • Take a little walk in the hall, if allowed? Why not let kitty roam?

See attached pdf below for more details.

Deborah has numerous references she can share and would be happy to meet you and your cats.

She gets booked up early in busy seasons, so plan ahead when you can.

Telephone: 646-262-6670