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See the World's Best Art for Free

Updated 2 years ago Peter McCarthy

A little known treat for art lovers comes whenever art auction season rolls around. You don't need to be wealthy enough to bid to appreciate rarely shown masterpieces close up. For Roosevelt Islanders, it's a quick trip on the F Train to the Rockefeller Center station.

Giving potential buyers a chance to see the works they may want to bid on, the auction houses throw their doors open to visitors for free on the weekend before the bidding. Click here for a story in the New&Observer about what you can see. No need to pay for a pass or even provide ID or a facsimile of your tax return.

What makes these events so special is that the paintings and sculptures on exhibit come from private collections, not museums, which means most of us have never seen them and may never get another chance. Auguste Rodin's sculpture Eternal Springtime, for example, has not been at auction in forty years. It's expected to fetch at least $8 million.

I should mention, in addition to art I love, the first time I stepped inside a pre-auction exhibit, I found myself six feet from Yoko Ono. You never know who might be rubbing elbows with you.

Christie's offers the finest collection of modern, contemporary and impressionist art, this weekend. Their address is 20 Rockefeller Center. Enter for free on 49th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

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