Peter McCarthy
Roosevelt Island Traffic Backed Up Into Queens
Roosevelt Island Traffic Backed Up Into Queens
Photo: Frank Farance

A tense, potentially dangerous situation on Main Street yesterday was quickly resolved in response to action taken by Roosevelt Island activist Frank Farance.

Known for passionate advocacy, Farance's intervention prevented the repeat of a traffic jam so extensive it halted traffic all the way back across the Roosevelt Island Bridge and blocks into Queens.

"There is so much traffic in the morning, everything was blocked on the Island, including emergency service vehicles, and blocked into LIC back to 34 Ave and out to 11 St.," he wrote in an email to RIOC, yesterday afternoon.

Farance attached a dozen photos to document his concerns. But he didn't stop there.

By morning, acknowledging RIOC's swift action in getting Con Ed to halt work long enough to allow two lanes of traffic today, he reported, "I spoke with the Con Ed people today. Both the Con Ed and Contractor people seemed to want to work this out cooperatively."

Wrote RIOC's Acting President, Susan Rosenthal, "Thanks, Frank. You have been very helpful. We will follow up with Con Ed today. I understand that there are public risks that require Con Ed to be monitoring work 24 hours a day... but I will follow up and advise. We will also assess the traffic this afternoon now that we are enforcing a requirement for two lanes of traffic."

Farance's efforts, along with cooperation from both RIOC and Con Ed, are limiting not just the inconvenience, but serious risks to safety created from tying up the single street providing access into and out of Roosevelt Island.