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Rebecca Seawright Brings ScanVan to Roosevelt Island

Updated 3 years ago Peter McCarthy
NYS Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright
NYS Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright

State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, having helped shepherd a pair of bills of significance to Roosevelt Island in the last legislative session, turns her attention to improving healthcare oppo

rtunities for women. On June 3, starting at 9:00 a.m., ScanVan will offer free scanning mammograms in the RIOC Plaza at 591 Main Street.

While this may seem a far cry from legislation, Seawright's first term in office has been characterized by commitments to constituents that extend her impact beyond what laws alone can do. Long an advocate for women's rights, including service as State Director of the National Women’s Political Caucus, she says she is "...a strong proponent of initiatives that promote health, especially of those at low or no cost" and hopes to host similar events benefiting men as well as women in the future.

In this effort, Seawright joins forces with Project Renewal, a nearly fifty year old social services organization. Originally known as the Manhattan Bowery Corporation, Project Renewal continually reinvents itself to meet changing needs in the City. ScanVan " the country's first mobile mammography and radiology clinic for homeless and uninsured adults."

Thousands of free clinical breast exams, mammograms and tuberculosis tests are provided every year.

Seawright partnered with Project Renewal to host free screening mammograms on the Upper East Side earlier this year. "It was a huge success," she told the Daily. She hopes to repeat it on Roosevelt Island.

To take advantage of ScanVan on Roosevelt Island on June 3, it's important to call for an appointment: 1-800-564-6868 is the number. Your best health is the goal.

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