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Why waste your money on ads that get lost in a jungle of other ads deep inside a newspaper few people bother reading past the first page when you can greatly increase your exposure to the customers you want for less?

Here at the Roosevelt Island Daily, we are not limited to a print edition that gets dropped at doorways no more often than every two weeks. We post a teaser link to your ad at the top of every page, no exceptions. Modify it whenever you like, featuring new products and offers.

But it doesn't stop there. We will also do a profile of you and your business. We tell your story in a way that makes doing business with you personal and satisfying. It doesn't matter if you sell food, liquor or services. You are unique and personal in the Roosevelt Island Daily. Give us a try.

Note: For established ad customers, we will design and manage direct distribution to selected markets to facilitate expanding your outreach.

Starting June 1st, 2016, we will begin accepting ads. Space is limited, and we reserve the right not to accept ads that compete with existing ads. We offer an experience in reaching your customers like no other. Call: (646) 419-0473 or email: Let's talk about improving your business.

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