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Roosevelt Island Marlins Swim Team Joins RIVAA In "Shades of Blue"

David Stone
Roosevelt Island Swim Team's Gallery RIVAA Wall
Roosevelt Island Swim Team's Gallery RIVAA Wall
© David Stone for Roosevelt Island Daily

Bringing youth and play to Gallery RIVAA's Shades of Blue, the Roosevelt Island Marlins Swim Team shows off visual skills that compliment the physical.

If there as one thing that might be done to improve on the latest exhibit at RIVAA, it would be giving images captured by this award-winning group of young athletes even more space than the single section they claim as their own.

(See a gallery of images from this show by clicking here.)

Eager faces of children milled around their part of the exhibit and, of course, around the corner to the refreshments. Youthful enthusiasm added an ingredient that few art exhibits are lucky to have.

Shades of Blue is inspired by the April installation of the children's sculpture Blue Dragoon by Ulla and Gustav Kraitz in Southpoint Park. From the blue of the swim team's water to hints of azure in Ioan's Popoiu's abstract paintings, the color vibrates in various tones throughout the gallery.

Popoiu's Untitled 217 joins four more works by this artist. It was an instant favorite with me, its blue tones seemingly swept across the canvas by a steady, but gentle wind.

Girls in Blue Summer Dresses is Laura Hussey's oil on canvas contribution. Hussey's large paintings suggest visual themes from an idyllic Mediterranean era. Sensual and innocent, her women are both earthy and unpretentious. In her latest exhibited work, she continues to refine her deft suggestion of mosaics, implying realism imbedded in history.

Unexpected is Tad Sudol's lyrical print Eothen 1, a wistful image of an ocean view seen through a window cut up into multiple frames. A radiator below the sill heightens the isolation. You, the viewer, stand in someone else's shoes, experiencing the moment in your own context.

Anthony Moran's digital photograph, Pier, suggests a harmony among elements as pier stakes from a dilapidated structure reflect the water even as they are being absorbed by it.

Continuing her evolution as a visual artist most influenced by color, Toshiko Kitano Groner chimes in with Tribute, a graphical design that leans on the suggestion of an apple without admitting to be one. Colors shade and drift across the surface, afloat in a dark, blue background.

Photographer Piotr Olszewski adds several attractive images for Shades of Blue. The most unforgettable is an untitled picture that forms part of a collage but stands well on its own. A girl is alone at the window of a train, looking out as it passes anonymous fields. An unexplained letter rests on the table beside her. The image is poetic, elusive in its invasion of privacy.

In an image that takes you above the clouds, Piaskowski captures a fanciful, but real scene over the Pacific. The topmost support of the Golden Gate Bridge floats above a fog bank as morning sun softens the misty setting.

Shades of Blue remains on view until August 14 at Gallery RIVAA, 527 Main Street. 

Gallery Hours:
Wednesdays and Fridays 6 – 9 pm
Saturdays and Sundays 11 – 5 pm

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