David Stone
New Foundation Director Tony Abdelghany with Founder Jim Luce
New Foundation Director Tony Abdelghany with Founder Jim Luce
© David Stone for the Roosevelt Island Daily
The future is in the hands of young people who see the world differently than past generations. Roosevelt Island's J. Luce Foundation dedicated this summer to mentoring a promising group, honing skills they will use in helping create a better world. Last night, they got their awards.

In a lively awards ceremony hosted by the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation's new Executive Director Tony Abdelghany, recognition was also given to the global advisors who have seasoned the experience with their knowledge, shared wisdom and passion.

Note: the above organization will henceforth be known as the J. Luce Foundation or just "the foundation," as a concession to lazy writers, like me, who contribute to this newspaper.

The night belonged to the Young Global Leaders, who each spent a summer on Roosevelt Island, learning skills from our own international philanthropist, Jim Luce (Orphans International Worldwide), Toastmasters, the Lions Club International and others the foundation called on for help.

J. Luce Foundation, Young Global Leaders, Class of 2016

The interns selected to be the program's first gifts to the larger world represent an appropriately international range of enthusiasms and goals.

Making It Happen

None of this happens without the dynamic leadership of Jim Luce, who started both the J. Luce Foundation and Orphans International Worldwide and established them on Roosevelt Island. The Lions Club International, a century old service organization where the core belief is "community is what we make it" is deeply committed to the mission.

Major funding for the event was provided by Georgia Nomikos, President of the Orpheus Luxury Collection, and members of her family.

"I believe in bringing people together," Nomikos told me. Bringing harmony to all the world's people is her passion and a commitment demanded of her Hellenic heritage.

After the awards and recognition, the crowd filling the Manhattan Theater Club was treated to dazzling entertainment from dancer Rohan Bhargava, a foundation artist in residence, and the lively music of Daisy Jopling