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Westview Overwhelmingly Votes to Leave Mitchell-Lama

Updated 2 years ago Eileen Gardiner
Photo: Creative Commons 3 License
Photo: Creative Commons 3 License

In a landmark vote, Westview residents have chosen to exit the Mitchell-Lama Program after 40 years. It took only 20 of those years to decide.

Voting on the Westview “Plan for Preservation of Affordable Housing and Withdrawal from the Mitchell-Lama Program” took place on Friday September 30th and Saturday October 1st

Just before 1 am on October 2nd the Westview TaskForce sent an email announcing that the plan had been approved by the tenants.

Voting was overwhelmingly in favor of the plan with 92% voting “yes” and only 8% voting “no”. 

Turnout was remarkably strong. Almost 73% of the Westview households cast a vote: 227 out of the approximately 311 occupied apartments. 

This is a landmark event after a 20 year, tenant-initiated effort to determine the future of Westview. 

The email from the Taskforce stated: “This vote will allow us all to move forward towards a future with both rent protection and opportunity to purchase.”

And that does sum it up very succinctly. 

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