Peter McCarthy
Photo Courtesy of the Roosevelt Island Parents' Network

The Roosevelt Island Parents' Network has delivered helpful services since 2012, led by volunteers with a goal of making life better for families with children. This week's activities show us their outreach..

RIPN doesn't make a lot of noise. Persistent persuasion is at work instead.

Four years ago, teamed with over a dozen Moms, Eva Bosbach evolved the Island Kids Baby Group to include all parents, not just those with babies. Bosbach continues as the group's coordinator, although as we saw with their successful team effort to win funds for increased Pre-K attendance, she does not work alone.

Today, a Google Group serves RIPN's members with shared information and discussions about schools, daycare and other services answering common needs. When a parent reads a useful article about kids or families, he or she posts a link in the group.

At a practical level, Roosevelt Island parents exchange cars seats and help each other to hand-me-down clothes and toys as children grow out of them so quickly. They may team up for a museum visit or a community nature stroll.

Interacting with elected officials along with RIOC and RIRA to keep awareness of family issues high is an ongoing effort. The RIPN participates as an active member of the Community Coalition set up to represent Roosevelt Island resident interests in the integration with Cornell Tech.

RIPN's involvement in creative and constructive activities stands out and is what we want to focus on. It organizes valuable events for Moms, Dads and Kids on Roosevelt Island.

All parents and guardians responsible for children are encouraged to join the group and take part in its activities.

Here is what the Roosevelt Island Parents' Network is up to this week:

The Roosevelt Island Parents' Network offers an invaluable network of mutually shared information, services and happenings. Its Google Group is a continuously updated source of interest for parents. 

If you are responsible for kids as a parent, grandparent or legal guardian, you are encouraged to contact Eva ( to learn how to get involved.