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Good News: Growing Up In New York City Just Got Easier

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NYC Children at Play in Central Park
NYC Children at Play in Central Park
Photo Credit: Pratyeka / Creative Commons 3.0 License

Living in New York City may be exciting, but it's rarely easy. The rewards are great, the demands unending. But the NYC Children's Cabinet has stepped up with an answer for parents and kids: Growing Up NYC.

“I remember bringing Chiara home from the hospital in her car seat. We put her down on the couch, still in her car seat, looked at each other and thought, ‘What do we do next?,” said First Lady Chirlane McCray in a press release from Mayor Bill de Blasio's office on Friday. 

“Like many who are new to parenting, Bill and I had no family nearby to help us with our many questions. Growing Up NYC is a wonderful digital how-to resource to help parents navigate raising children in New York City – which we all know can be tough. It provides parents with a treasure trove of information, from developmental milestones to updates about free family fun. And busy parents can access it on-the-go, from the phone in their pocket.”

Growing Up NYC is a new, comprehensive initiative from the Children's Cabinet, a less than year old group that draws on public and private individuals for ideas to improve the lives of kids in New York. Earlier this year, they launched Talk To Your Baby, focused on the importance of encouraging verbal skills to give babies a fast start in life.

What makes Growing Up NYC impressive is its simplicity and order. Arranged by developmentally significant age groups, the digital platform is designed for easy access on handheld devices, enabling on the fly information gathering.

What we do on the fly is a key element in New Yorkers' lives, as we witness whenever we walk the streets or ride the subways. For parents, it may be more so.

Here on Roosevelt Island, we rely on groups like the R I Parents' Network, led completely by volunteers, to assist Moms and Dads in getting help and sharing knowledge. Growing Up NYC adds significantly to their toolkits.

What Is Growing Up NYC?

The new initiative "allows parents and caregivers to easily access a vast array of resources for raising a family in New York City."

Click Growing Up NYC and find a well-arranged inventory of useful information, from what to expect to free activities for kids and parents around town. The program is a logical product of the progressive mindset of the de Blasio administration.

Says Richard Buery, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives, “By making information about New York City’s many programs and parenting resources available through a 21st Century digital tool, Growing Up NYC allows parents and caregivers to access the best that our City has to offer."

It doesn't disappoint. 

Follow the trail from Toddler that drills down specifically into 1, 2 and 3 year olds and discover Tips, Tricks and Resources, beginning with What To Expect.

You will read what most kids do at the indicated age, plus links to events and free and low cost services like EaryLearn Child Care. A useful section of the guide is a list of early warning signs of possible trouble that should be brought to the attention of a doctor.

Growing Up NYC is free. Any parent can benefit.

When my son was an infant, we spent hours pouring through Dr. Spock and other books to reassure ourselves that what we saw in the fast pace of our child's growth was well understood.

That was in the pre-Internet world.

Resources are faster and easier now, and you can dig into them on the fly. I can't imagine a more helpful free resource than Growing Up NYC for making lives better for children and parents in our amazing, difficult, thrilling city, the best place in the world for children that just got a little better.

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