Shades of the Past

Gristedes Customer Gets Unhappy Surprise

Updated 2 weeks ago Peter McCarthy
Outdated Product Bought at Gristedes
Outdated Product Bought at Gristedes
Photo: Mircea Nicolescu

Last weekend, Mircea Nicolescu indulged his sweet tooth, buying a packaged dessert at Gristedes on Roosevelt Island, but shades of the past, he got some bad news when he brought the treat home.

"I purchased this Chocolate Pudding at Gristides two days ago," Nicolescu told The Daily. "When I got home, I discovered it was six weeks past its expiration date."

We previously published an article about Gristedes in which, after a holiday weekend inspection, we were unable to find more than a single item still stocked after it's "sell by" date. We got serious feedback from our readers.

Historically, Gristedes earned a reputation for populating its shelves with an abundance of stale, outdated and even spoiled products. More recently, it seemed things had changed, but maybe not, as Nicolescu's experience shows.

"I went back to the store," he continued. "The manager said, 'sorry about that' and refunded my purchase."

But it got worse.

"When I told him this is quite frequent, he said that they cannot check everything because they have thousands of articles on the shelves."

Not an encouraging answer. Any seller of perishable goods is absolutely reponsible for keeping their shelves, if not fresh, at least not stocked with foods weeks past their freshness dates.

Nicolescu had one request: "Please publish this image to let people know and make them (hopefully) avoid and boycott this lousy store."

Everyone has not had an experience at Gristedes like this one, but as many have learned, it's always wise to check the dates before checking out.

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