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Time to Vote: November 8th, 2016

David Stone
Voting Is Every Citizen's Responsibility
Voting Is Every Citizen's Responsibility
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At the end of federal, state and local campaigns, New Yorkers exercise the privilege of voting for the kind of country we want on Tuesday, November 8th. Here are our recommendations for the offices we considered most relevant for Roosevelt Island.

  • For more reasons than we can count, Hillary Clinton is easily the best choice to lead the nation for the next four years. How Donald Trump conquered a major party still astonishes. Details here. 
  • Carolyn Maloney has represented us well for a quarter of a century. Let's send her back for a couple more years. Read our endorsement.
  • Rebecca Seawright has been a strong new voice of support for Roosevelt Island in her first term. She deserves at least one more. Click here for details.
  • For the Roosevelt Island Residents Association Common Council, we recommend none of the above. Of so little interest to the community that, even after months of promotions by the Main Street WIRE, they can't field enough candidates to make voting at more than two buildings competitive, RIRA will be moved more swiftly to reinventing itself (or dissolving) by a resounding "No" vote.
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