David Stone
Bread & Butter Market Without the Scaffolding
Bread & Butter Market Without the Scaffolding
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From the first order of eggs and coffee that goes out the door after 6:00 a.m through lunchtime salads and the classic sandwiches that feed hungry customers until midnight, Roosevelt Island's own Bread & Butter Market offers the finest variety at great prices, with quality built in over three generations of ownership.

What You Missed at the Deli

If you're like me, you'll be surprised. Pleasantly.

"The deli," as it's long been known to us, the unpretentious corner store at 579 Main Street, isn't what I always thought it was, That is, a reliable place for coffee to go, a newspaper, a stress free alternative to Gristedes.

Well, it really is all that. But there's more.

Does this sound like a deli to you? 

"There are many who serve food, yet very few serve quality food. We strive to provide an alternative to ordinary," is Bread & Butter Market's promise.

Strip back the obvious, and the recently redesigned store appears as something you probably haven't imagined - the best source of food for takeout and delivery, free delivery, on Roosevelt Island.

What Happened?

Five years ago, RIOC accepted its failure at building a thriving Main Street, signing a deal with Hudson and The Related Companies to invigorate the retail corridor. Inject some vitality. Enliven viable existing businesses. Recruit new shops to serve the community. Those were the plans.

Really, it's been a mixed bag.

We have a few fresh successes, but still, too many shop windows remain papered over. You hear complaints about losses, the hardware and stationery stores, the unfulfilled promise of a redesigned Trellis...

But have we taken for granted the best success story in the revitalization of Main Street? The Deli we knew so well reinvented itself as Bread & Butter Market. I'm not sure enough of our neighbors noticed.

In it's third generation, the ownership made both the creative and financial commitment to bring Roosevelt Island something greater and with more tasty foods for you than any ordinary deli offers.

Yes, you can still find shelves well-stocked with staples. You can be confident of freshness among familiar brand names that are smartly arranged. Beverages and perishables fill a wall of coolers. The million little things, the beef jerky, aspirins and Bic lighters, are all here too.

They always were.

But if that's all you see, you're missing out on what's made the rebirth of Bread & Butter Market such a boon to Main Street and the community through which it runs like a spine.

How To Discover the Bread & Butter Market

You can always drop in. There's a Red Bus stop right in front, easy on, easy off. If you're not hungry, right now, ask for a menu to take home.

The variety will surprise you, and they make ordering as easy as it can be.

Just look at the breakfast line up. After the eggs some of us can't start our day without, you've got six different omelettes, four breakfast wraps along with pancakes and french toast from the griddle.

Of course, there's also an assortment of bagels, rolls, bialys, muffins and danishes to compliment your coffee or tea.

The lunch and dinner menu is rich with salads, gourmet wraps, paninis, burgers (including veggie), tacos, classic sandwiches and more.

How could there be more? How about gyros and falafels? Side orders are plentiful as are smoothies and fresh juices.

At prices to go with free delivery that will make you smile while you enjoy your meal.

Ready to eat? Give Bread & Butter Market a call at (212) 838-3964. You can even send the a fax (212-838-3965) or text them with an order at (646) 846-4555.

Why wait? There's no better time to take advantage of a real Roosevelt Island success story, still serving after 40 years on Main Street.

Give them a try.