Peter McCarthy
Plan Your Care In Advance with Dr. Jack Resnick at the Senior Center

Because planning for your care in advance eases demands on you at the times when you will need it most...

Dr. Jack Resnick, Roosevelt Island's Doctor in Residence for 40 years, invites you to join him for a free workshop at the Carter Burden/Roosevelt Island Senior Center on Monday, November 25th, from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m.

Planning Your Care in Advance will be followed by individual, 10 minute counseling sessions with Dr. Resnick, immediately following the event. Sign up during lunch on the same day.

The Senior Center is 546 Main Street on the 1st Floor.

Dr. Resnick has provided care for Roosevelt Island residents since the community's founding. The homebound and elderly depend on his medical expertise as well as his generosity in making house calls,