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Who Will Stand Up To Trump Part 2

Peter McCarthy
Andrew Cuomo / Photograph by Pat Arnow
Andrew Cuomo / Photograph by Pat Arnow
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With our refreshingly outspoken mayor Bill de Blasio tied down by the ordinary business of government, that is, begging the Legislature for fair treatment as the State budget's biggest contributor by far, Governor Andrew Cuomo came on strong, Senator Chuck Schumer got choked up (at last!) and Carolyn Maloney waved her hand, hoping to get the President to call on her if it wasn't too much trouble.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

In response to President (gag) Trump's Muslim Ban, Cuomo announced that his office would "explore all options" for assisting refugees stranded at the City's airports. Better still, he offered a firm declaration of principles guiding him:

“As a New Yorker, I am a Muslim,” the governor said. “As a New Yorker, I am Jewish. As a New Yorker, I am black; I am gay; I am disabled. I am a woman seeking to control her health and choices because as a New Yorker, we are one community, the New York community comprised of all of the above.”

Expanding on his commitment, Cuomo also proposed an amendment that would build Roe v. Wade, protecting women's right to abortion, into the State's Constitution as a bulwark against a pending federal dismantling of the enabling Supreme Court decision.

Eric Schneiderman

Our State Attorney General, who distinguished himself by successfully charging Trump University with fraud, announced that his office would join in the growing lawsuit brought by Attorney's General across the county to challenge the Trump Muslim Ban.

Senator Chuck Schumer

While protestors outraged over what they consider Schumer's normalization and appeasement of Trump carried signs urging him to get a spine outside his Park Slope home, the Senator finally muscled up the courage to oppose a single cabinet nominee, Vladimir Putin's other pal, Rex Tillerson, leaving him only three or four "No" votes behind our other Senator, Schumer's protege, Kristen Gillibrand.

The Muslim Ban emboldened him to attend the Battery Park protest rally on Sunday and, choking up, declare opposition and an intention to submit legislation repealing it.

Observers are still not certain that the Senator from Wall Street's spine transplant will hold.

 Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

Already in hot water with constituents who wanted her to boycott the Trump inaugural along with five others from the New York delegation, Maloney confidently dismissed Trump's executive order threatening to withdraw federal funds from sanctuary cities.

“When I get back to Washington, I'm going to send him a letter and invite him,” she said. “He should take a ride on what is the best subway system in the world,” proving for any and all observers that she has never set foot deeper into our filthy, dilapidated system beyond her position at the opening of the 2nd Avenue Subway.

To her credit, she did attend the Battery Park rally and agreed to match Schumer's proposed legislation in the House.


Human rights activists and others concerned about traditional American values of fairness, nondiscrimination and inclusion who have not called Schumer's and Maloney's offices or, better yet, stopped by should consider making it known that landslide victories in the last election weren't meant as blanket approval for normalizing Trump.

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