Peter McCarthy
Coming to the Cultural Center, Mindfulness Mediation...?
Coming to the Cultural Center, Mindfulness Mediation...?
Image courtesy of Pixabay / CCO Public Domain

Need meeting space for your book club? Extra room to play bridge? Or simple solitude for meditation? RIOC may have a solution for you and is launching a pilot to find out.

A frequently heard lament is that our growing population and other changes have left Roosevelt Islanders without enough space for less formal get-togethers serving our many diverse interests. Politically active folks can join in Common Council or Community Coalition discussions, and theatrical performers find a welcoming nucleus in the Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance.

Some gather at the Riverwalk Bar and Grill for social and business meetings.

But what about book lovers eager to share their latest finds? Yoga devotees who enjoy stretching with friends? Or even individuals seeking a quiet place where mindfulness meditation can blossom away from smartphones, rumbling buses and helicopters chopping overhead?

RIOC heard you and is opening up underused space in the Cultural Center at 548 Main Street in a pilot to see how much interest there really is. Spaces will be made available to residents only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, each week, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. "...for recreational, cultural, and/or educational purposes."

The announcement goes on to say, "The intention is to give the general public, unaffiliated with for-profit or non-profit corporations, the opportunity to utilize community space, which may include group study sessions, exercise activities, and book clubs; as well as quiet space for individuals to relax, read, study or meditate."

To set aside space beginning on Monday, February 13th, get more information or sign up for the Public Space Pilot Program, please call Donna Masly at 212-891-6540 or via email at

This effort looks like it could be a winner. It will be interesting to see what kind of response RIOC gets.