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March 2nd, RIHS Presents "North Brother Island: The Last Unknown Place in NYC

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Book Cover / Click to see more on Amazon
Book Cover / Click to see more on Amazon

Travel to a place frozen in time: North Brother Island, which few have heard of, sits in the East River, between The Bronx and Riker’s Island. Christopher Payne, photographer, will explore the colorful past, present and future of this island where today nature is reclaiming the abandoned buildings in a free lecture at the New York Public Library Branch on Roosevelt Island, on Thursday, March 2, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.

"North Brother Island once was the site of Riverside Hospital, a quarantine hospital originally situated on Blackwell’s Island, and later to residences for veterans, and finally a juvenile drug treatment center," according to a press release from the Roosevelt Island Historical Society.

"Today, it is a wildlife sanctuary, home to the Black-crowned Night Heron. It is closed to the public and Payne was granted permission by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department to photograph and document the island.

"Learn about the notorious past (residents included Typhoid Mary) and view spectacular photographs at Payne’s lecture, sponsored by the Roosevelt Island Historical Society."

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The Roosevelt Island Historical Society promotes awareness of our Island’s unique story and pursues preservation of its landmarks and artifacts. For more information, please visit

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