NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
Citywide Ferry Service Planned For Summer 2017
Citywide Ferry Service Planned For Summer 2017

By Mayor Bill de Blasio

I want every New Yorker to know: This is still your city. That means we need to help you climb the economic ladder right here. We have set a goal of creating 100,000 good-paying jobs over the next decade. These are jobs that pay at least $50,000 a year and offer opportunity and skills for a career. 

This week, I announced that our Citywide Ferry Service – which will be running this summer – is now hiring for the first of 200 new jobs created by this innovative new transportation system. 

Ferries mean jobs building the system, operating the system and maintaining the boats. 

Ferries mean opportunity. Folks living in areas that have long been isolated from the rest of the city’s economy will now be able to hop on a quick, convenient ferry ride to a new future for the cost of a subway fare.

Ferries mean people have a new reason to leave their cars at home, relieving road congestion, taking pressure off mass transit and making our city more convenient for all.   

Our ferries will serve 21 neighborhoods from The Rockaways in Queens, to South Brooklyn, to Soundview in the Bronx. Half a million New Yorkers will live within walking distance of a ferry stop. The system will carry an estimated 4.6 million trips per year across six routes. 

We believe fundamentally that economic opportunity has not been spread wide enough in this city. We need more jobs. We need good paying jobs. We need to make sure everyone has access to them. One of the ways we will reach our goal of creating 100,000 new jobs is by looking to our waterfront.  

You can apply now for careers on our ferries through the City Department of Small Business Services’ WorkForce1 Centers. For a list of locations click: You can also apply at CitywideFerry.NYC, or through the Employment Center at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.