David Stone
NYC Rent Freeze - Are You Eligible?

If you could freeze your rent, even holding it where it is today for 20 years, would you? The NYC Rent Freeze Program may make it possible. Find out if you qualify and even apply when The Carter Burden Center for the Aging and the Finance Department offer a free presentation at the Senior Center on March 30th.

"Our research indicates that as many as 155,366 households may qualify for these programs. Of this number, 61,319 already receive the benefit, and as many as 94,047 additional City residents that are not enrolled could be eligible," according to a report from Finance Department Commissioner Jacques Jiha.

Are you one of the 61% of eligible recipients not taking advantage of this program?

Established in 1970 to help New Yorkers on fixed incomes stay in their homes, the New York City Rent Freeze Program has been updated several times since then, including a change in the income requirements signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio in May, 2014.

For those who qualify, rent is frozen at the time of application approval, protecting participants from future increases. Participating landlords receive a property tax credit to cover the increase in rent.

"Enrollment numbers have remained more or less constant for the last fifteen years. Therefore, there is a need for a better, targeted outreach approach to inform and enroll eligible New Yorkers," adds Jiha.

"While there have always been outreach efforts for SCRIE and DRIE, it has become clear that it is time for a new, enhanced plan, which targets specific neighborhoods and ethnic communities."

That's what brings this session to the Carter Burden/Roosevelt Island Senior Center, as ours and nearby neighborhoods have been identified as ones underutilizing the program. 

Outreach Director Hallie Shapiro has arranged with the Department of Finance to have application assistance onsite on March 31st, starting at 12:30 p.m. 

Bring as much documentation as you can to expedite the process, including: 

2016 Federal and State Income tax returns (if filed)

• 2016W2's and 1099's
• Social Security benefit award letter/statement (SSA/SSI/SSDI)
• VA
Disability Pension or compensation
• Disability-related Medicaid
• Pension statement
• IRA or Annuity statement
• Signed letter from boarder stating amount of monthly rental payments
• Public assistance benefit letter
• Signed letter from frien
d/family stating amount of monetary assistance to household 

Attending? Please call Hallie at (212) 980-1888 to confirm or send email to: SHAPIROH@CARTERBURDENCENTER.ORG 

You can also ask Hallie any questions you may have about the event.