Albany Rally Coincides with the 49th Anniversary of MLK's Assassination

Rallying in Albany, Indivisible Roosevelt Island Asks Your Help On Healthcare

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Rallying in Albany, Indivisible Roosevelt Island Asks Your Help On Healthcare
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Three Roosevelt Island activists from the local Indivisible chapter join a mass rally in Albany tomorrow, April 4th, staged on the 49th anniversary of the day Martin Luther King was gunned down. They want your support in promoting universal healthcare.

State government has ground nearly to a halt by legislative leaders' and Governor Cuomo's failure to meet the constitutional requirement to have a balanced budget in place by April 1st. Indivisible hopes to spark some life in the log jam by energizing support for New York Health Act (S4840).

"Lorraine (Wald), Susan (Altman) and I  are leaving at 5 am on Tuesday to schlepp all the way to Albany to lobby for universal healthcare in NYState," writes Ellen Polivy. "We would like to amplify our efforts by having everyone else call in."

Here is the rest of Polivy's message to Roosevelt Islanders:

New York Health Act would guarantee healthcare to ALL New Yorkers regardless of income, wealth, place of employment, or immigration status.

Please take action today.

As hundreds of New Yorkers rally in Albany to tell our legislators to please vote for New York Health, amplify our demands by making three phone calls: 

  1. To your own NYS Senator.(Senator Jose Serrano 212-828-5829) Ask them to cosponsor New York Health (S4840). Thank him for being a sponsor and ask him to do everything in his power to gain additional legislative support for the bill. 
  2. To your NYS Assembly member.(Rebecca Seawright 212-288-4607 
    or 518-455-5676) Ask them to cosponsor New York Health (A4738).  
  3. To Kemp Hannon (516-739-1700), the Republican from the 3rd Senate District who chairs the Health Committee. Ask him to please support New York Health (S4840) - it's good for the people in his district, it's good for business, and it's good for all of us in New York State!

Thank you for being part of the fight to to bring healthcare as a human right to all New Yorkers. Let's work together to make sure New York State leads the way! 


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