NYC Council Calls Her An "Outstanding Citizen"

Eva Bosbach Awarded for Her Community Service

David Stone
Eva Bosbach (second from left) with Ben Kallos at the Day Nursery Ribbon Cutting, Last Year
Eva Bosbach (second from left) with Ben Kallos at the Day Nursery Ribbon Cutting, Last Year
Photo Credit: City Council Member Ben Kallos

The RIRA Common Council's monthly meeting set aside a moment for City Council Member Ben Kallos to recognize Roosevelt Islander Eva Bosbach with an Outstanding Citizen Award.

Bosbach's contributions to community life have been many. A rare local leader with such generous skills she's managed not to offend anyone as she builds connections to improve lives, she is probably best known for leading the Roosevelt Island Parents' Network while it grew into a 600+ member powerhouse, buzzing with activities and the most inclusive organization we have.

What caught Kallos's attention was her resourceful, always available hand in using the RIPN to help win 49 new Pre K seats for Roosevelt Island, last year. As they marshaled forces for the effort, Kallos recalled, Bosbach could be counted on even when she was as far away as Prague in her native Czech Republic.

"The RI Parents' Network is a team effort," Bosbach responded, "and I wish all the active moms and dads who are volunteering their time, knowledge and energy for others could receive the award! Also thank you to all our partner organizations and elected officials for their continuous support. I wish my successors Cecilia Chen and Sangeeta Joseph all the best and full support in further growing our network so we can continue to enjoy this unique community in New York and make it an even better place to live for families and all residents."

As the City Council Citation reads, "a great city is only as great as those persons who give exemplary service to their communities." We couldn't agree more or with Ben Kallos's decision to so honor Bosbach and her RI Parents' Network teammates.

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