David Stone
RIOC CEO/President Susan Rosenthal
RIOC CEO/President Susan Rosenthal
Photo by Erica Spencer-EL

RIOC President/CEO Susan Rosenthal announced on Friday, April 14th, that changes are coming for Joseph Esposito and Keith Matthes, Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) assigned to Roosevelt Island.

Community Policing, a crime prevention and neighborhood awareness program with which New York City has experienced wild success, reducing crime to levels never reached since comprehensive statistics started being kept, has a built in element of change. As the dynamics of community life vary, so do the NYPD's attentions.

"The tours for Officers Joseph Esposito and Keith Matthes, Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) assigned to Roosevelt Island, have been expanded to include 21st Street to R.I. and Astoria Park South to Queensboro Bridge," Rosenthal said in a statement released by RIOC's Community Relations Manager Erica Spencer-EL. "Although the island will continue to have a NYPD presence, the change will affect the frequency of our NCO’s on the island."

She added, "Officers Matthes and Esposito will continue to be available for community meetings and as needed."

To ensure that the changes are clearly understood and to respond to questions and concerns, the 114th precinct will host a community meeting on May 25th at 7:00 p.m. at the Queens Library in Long Island City, 37-44 21st Street.

"Residents will also now have the option to contact NYPD by email to discuss any policing issue," Rosenthal said. "Sgt. Brian Andruszkiewicz, is creating an email account which R.I. residents can use to communicate with the NYPD. In the interim, if you are interested in receiving emails from the 114th precinct, please send an email to information@rioc.ny.gov. Your information will be forwarded to Sgt. Andruszkiewicz."

Roosevelt island, supported by NYPD Community Policing with the added benefits of a Public Services Department led by Jack McManus, is one of the safest, if not the safest neighborhood in New York City. Both services are working to keep it that way and welcome your comments.