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New Ferry Service & Unintended Consequences

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Hornblower's New Citywide Ferry Service Prompts Noise Complaints
Hornblower's New Citywide Ferry Service Prompts Noise Complaints

As the unspecified August opening date for Roosevelt Island ferry service approaches, communities already being served are complaining, according to an article in the Williamsburg edition of online newspaper dnainfo.

Roosevelt Island Daily reader Sylvan Klein alerted us to an article reporting that dozens of complaints have been filed with the city over noise from the ferry's horn as it cruises to stops in both North and South Williamsburg.

"Oh my gosh it's horrible," one commuter complained.

Another told dnainfo, "You can hear it through windows or drywall. It seems almost like it's meant to pierce through your building."

Still another likened it an Amber Alert but, of course, much louder.

Coming Soon to Roosevelt Island...?

For Citywide Ferry's part, Cameron Clark, Hornblower's Vice President, told dnainfo that they will be reinstalling horns that blow directly out toward the water, which does not immediately sound so good for the close quarters of the East River channel between Astoria and Roosevelt Island.

Be prepared. The horns go off every 20 minutes as the boats carry riders between docks. That is 24/7, in case you were wondering or you value peaceful sleep.

We will keep you posted on developments.

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