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Optimism Fades as Trellis/NISI Appears Abandoned

Updated 48 weeks ago Peter McCarthy
Mail dated nearly a week ago collects dust in NISI's lobby area.
Mail dated nearly a week ago collects dust in NISI's lobby area.
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

Early last week, we wrote about a notice Frank Farance photographed taped to Trellis/NISI's door. It demanded payment of $142k in back rent. But Hudson said it was a mistake, and they are as confident as ever of the restaurant's reopening. Facts don't shore up that optimism.

As we approach the third anniversary of Trellis's closing and the stream of bad news mixed with optimistic promises that followed, we remain pessimistic about the original owners, despite good intentions, ever getting it together to reopen.

And if Trellis reemerged as NISI, an upscale Greek restaurant with little resemblance to its predecessor, we're dubious that enough traffic can be generated for a venue so specialized that would produce operating margins sufficient to pay $8K in monthly rent.

Now, in another sign of what appears to be surrender in the immediate shadow of the demand for back rent, it looks like no one is interested enough to collect mail left in the lobby.

One item, a pick up notice from the Post Office tells a story. It was dropped between the glass doors on Saturday morning, May 6th, a week after Hudson's wake up call. On May 11th at midday, when I took the photo above, it was still collecting dust on the floor.

You get an unmistakable feeling that nobody's home nor are they expected back soon. 

It's a sad story, but it's time for getting used to the fact that it's over. Another unfortunate chapter in Main Street's business history is all but closed.

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