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Why cocaine cut with fentanyl ‘changes the game’

Even trace amounts of fentanyl — the equivalent of a grain of salt — could be enough to trigger an overdose.

Google apologizes for Pixel 2 price as pop-up stores charge too much; offers refund

A Verizon reseller charged $30 above the regular price for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

Boo! Here's what it's like to be a 'scare actor' at a haunted Halloween attraction

I turned into a demon and made people scream (and laugh) at a Universal Studios Hollywood's 'Horror Nights.'

Warrantless ICE arrest of man inside house under investigation

A video taken by a man remodeling a house in Oregon shows federal immigration agents arresting his co-worker, even though they acknowledged they lacked a warrant to enter the home.

Marshawn Lynch suspended for one game for making contact with referee

Marshawn Lynch was ejected from the Raiders' win over the Chiefs on Thursday night for his role in an altercation.