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'Disgusting symbol': Justin Timberlake joins Taylor Swift in calling for removal of confederate statues

Justin Timberlake joins a growing list of stars calling on their hometowns to remove confederate monuments amid national anti-racism protests.

Hospitals have long been judged on quality of care. These new rankings grade their commitment to community, too.

A new hospital ranking system looks at contributions to community as well as quality of care, leaving some prominent names down on the list.

Dwight Howard will play for Lakers when NBA season restarts in Orlando bubble

Big man Dwight Howard will in fact be joining the Los Angeles Lakers for the restart of the NBA season in Orlando.

Donald Trump claims 99% of coronavirus cases are 'totally harmless.' The 'long haulers' with lingering symptoms say he's wrong.

Doctors and patients with COVID-19 complications are raising concerns about long-term harm, even as President Donald Trump downplays the risks.

Indiana protester struck by vehicle at 'peaceful' rally, just days after deadly ramming incident in Seattle

A rally to support a Bloomington man who said he was assaulted and threatened with a noose was ending when a vehicle drove into a woman on Monday.


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SOS: Save Our Shorelines Protest

Roosevelt Island’s Save Our Shorelines (SOS) protest gained momentum as state assembly member Rebecca Seawright signed on. “Preserve and restore” a natural environment is the goal. By David Stone Seawright’s endorsement is […]

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Defund RIOC Public Safety

Defund RIOC Public Safety, not because of any bad behavior, but because it just makes sense. Even without the budget crunch. By David Stone How many times must we see it and […]

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Unbalanced: RIOC’s July, 2020, Board Meeting

RIOC’s July, 2020, board meeting featured an odd mix of steadiness under pressure, stressed by obvious fissures with the community. By David Stone Pushed back a week after the ouster of Susan […]

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