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Oakland A's give 9-year-old wildfire victim new baseball memorabilia

Loren Smith, 9, lost his A's memorabilia when his family's California home was destroyed by wildfires, but the team made sure it was replaced.

WH Chief of staff rails on Congresswoman Wilson

On Thursday, White House chief of staff John Kelly questioned Congresswoman Frederica Wilson's integrity calling her an 'empty barrel.' Wilson publicly criticized President Trump for hi

Melissa Joan Hart remakes favorite childhood film

Melissa Joan Hart has directed a remake of the 80's cult classic 'The Watcher in the Woods.' It debuts Oct. 21 at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime. (Oct.

NASA nominee's support of 'secret science' bill alarms environmentalists

Trump's choice to head NASA co-sponsored a bill to force the EPA to disclose all data behind regulations, a requirement environmentalists say can't be met.