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Early Alert: Tram Platform Repairs Starting July 24th

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Tram platform repairs begin on July 24th.
Tram platform repairs begin on July 24th.
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Today, RIOC announced a start date for planned Tram platform repairs. Some inconveniences are inevitable but will be as limited as possible.

Tram platform repairs have been a matter of concern for RIOC for months, and starting July 24th, they will begin. A July start, when schools are out and many people are away on vacations and getaways, will help limit the pains.

Plans by RIOC include free Red Bus services when Tram operations are limited to single cabins or have other restrictions. Tentatively, "The Red bus schedule will be after rush hour from RI and during rush hour from Manhattan," according to RIOC.

The number of moving parts involved has kept RIOC from having a firm schedule for events so far. All plans are fluid for now, but the preliminary announcement is intended to prepare riders for coming changes.

Stay tuned for developments.

As RIOC President/CEO Susan Rosenthal explained in an email to The Daily, "Not 100 per cent sure of the schedule yet---coordinating with MTA and POMA, both of which have a critical role in the project and operation of The Tram."

We will stay in touch with RIOC and plan to update schedules for Trams and Red Buses on our front page and in our daily alerts.

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