David Stone
New Zealand's Malcom Hazeldean Delights at Gallery RIVAA In July

Throughout July, Roosevelt Islanders get a chance to appreciate style and unique presentation in the easy to enjoy paintings of New Zealander Malcom Hazeldean.

Your first surprise is likely to be that Hazeldean's paintings are not inspired by subjects in his homeland but from New York, mainly popular vacation sites like Sag Harbor and the Hamptons on Long Island.

Hazeldean's work is sunny and easy to appreciate casually, the pictures of a confident artist who enjoys his work and the people, places and things that he reimagines on canvas. Although realistic, his paintings are enlivened by impressionistic brushstrokes that make them feel like captures, moments fast evaporating in air.

But the originality of Hazeldean's approach does not stop there.

Next to each of his paintings is a square coded stamp. Bring your smartphone or tablet. Capture that code in your camera's view, and you're transported to a Vimeo video presentation of the work's creation. 

On a studio page on the popular YouTube competitor, Vimeo, Hazeldean leads viewers through eight to ten minute presentations of the work as he is creating it.

The finished product may seem like magic, but this artist welcomes you to watch the creative magician at work.

Hazeldean's artwork can be appreciated close up and frequently with the artist on hand until July 30th at Gallery RIVAA, 527 Main Street. It's a one of a kind event that shouldn't be missed, the paintings themselves a sunny indulgence, the ability to go deeper into the work something you're unlikely to experience again.