Roosevelt Island Daily Reopens for Comments

Updated 47 weeks ago

After listening to readers who value the chance to participate in stories by commenting on them in the Disqus format, we've decided to open up the system again. But there are no guarantees.

We reluctantly shutdown Disqus when a tidal wave of racist trolls supporting our hard copy competitor, the Main Street WIRE, forced us to spend too much time dealing with and ultimately deleting their barbs. That was followed by two angry readers who found this the perfect venue for launching attacks on their neighbors and advancing personal agendas.

Yes, we can delete all of their comments, but it's time consuming and takes attention away from what we have to spend investigating, thinking about and reporting current events. On balance, it wasn't worth it.

As of today, we're letting everyone back in, including individuals we banned with the exception of the trolls who now have a home on the Roosevelt Islander blog. Stay there and party on. We will not allow anonymous comments or comments by individuals with fake names. Those will always get deleted when detected.

Slander is out, and so are diatribes unrelated to the content. If you've got so much to say, start your own blog or website. Don't hijack this one.

Other than that, feel free to express, complain and compliment. You can make this a more vibrant, open and communal site... or you can get comments clipped off again.

We're hoping for the best.

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