Catering to Not So Urban Tastes

Roosevelt Island in the News: Crain's Sees Suburbia in the City

Updated 37 weeks ago
Janet L. Falk
Janet L. Falk
File photo courtesy of Janet Falk

When Crain's developed an article about "Suburbanites flocking to the city," increasingly able to find neighborhoods and businesses catering to their not so urban tastes, it was inevitable that Roosevelt Island would get a mention.

For that perspective, writer Aaron Elstein turned to public relations and marketing communications specialist Janet Falk:

Suburbia’s siren call sounds even for migrants who have lived in New York much of their lives. After 25 years in the West Village, Janet Falk decided she wanted to have the sort of environment she had growing up in Hartsdale in Westchester County, where children in kindergarten through 12th grade went to school in the same building. Falk found what she was looking for on Roosevelt Island, where the speed limit is 15 miles per hour and she sees children playing outside unsupervised.

“That’s how I grew up,” Falk said, “and that’s how it should be.”

In Falk's mind and many others, we still have that special touch of being urban without quite being city.


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