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Change In Travel Plans: 57th Street Subway Station Closes Monday

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Last Look: 57th Street F Line Station Closes July 9th for Renovations
Last Look: 57th Street F Line Station Closes July 9th for Renovations
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Scratch your head and wonder how the braintrust at the MTA picked the relatively new 57th Street Station over others in much greater need, but if you use that station, you'll need an alternative until the end of the year, ponder over it, as you may.

Opened in 1968 when officials still envisioned a never to be constructed crosstown line it would intersect at Lincoln Center, the 57th Street Station is utilitarian, most notable for the peculiar design of platform entrances and exits which counterintuitively take you away from your most desirable outlet to the street with no real purpose.

No telling whether the redesign will correct the WTF puzzle, but it focuses mainly on cosmetics.

There will be better lighting, digital signage, more seating and countdown clocks.

Cosmetics matter of course and can make a grueling commuting routine more pleasing, even if it makes it no more reliable.

You may also get to see the work in progress as the MTA says they will "skip" the station, not bypass it, making the normal stops before and after.

Also of interest to F Train riders and dispiriting for Trader Joe's users, the 23rd Street Station will also close, beginning July 23rd, with a similar out of service duration.

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