Romanian Cultural Institute In Cooperation With Gallery RIVAA

Scenes From "Another East" Opening Night At Gallery RIVAA

Assorted Ideas

Dumb Question #1: How smart are cats…?

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How smart are cats? is a dumb question. Many of the answers offered by self-appointed experts are dumber. How Smart Are Cats? When you think about it, it’s a nonsense question? Like, Compared to what? Are cats smarter than a fence post? Dogs? A Nobel Laurette? On…

Art about the artist…

I took this photo after visiting an artist friend in his studio. He left his clothes, like pealing off some skin, neatly on and around a chair, when we left, carrying a large painting that ended up on my wall at home. Buy it.

Mysteries: Big Things We Don’t Know

Oh, ours was all knowing then, all generous displaying Such wisdom we had to show! And now there is merely silence, silence, silence saying All we did not know Sagacity, William Rose Benét In Sagacity, William Rose Benét reflects on lost love. But in a larger frame, the verse exposes a riddle about how we … Continue reading Mysteries: Big Things We Don’t Know →

50 Trillion Versions of You – Or More

Originally posted on Assorted Ideas, Large & Small:
 Fifty-trillion…    No matter how many times we hear that number, no matter how easily the words spin off our lips, it’s so big we can probably never grasp it in a practical way. But it’s a number we really should think about because it’s approximately the…

A Personal Cure for Cancer? Not as Strange as You Think

Is it possible you’re unaware of a cancer cure, a natural, non-invasive one, that’s protected you, maybe saved your life, working this miracle without your ever knowing anything about it…? The idea’s not as strange as you think. Spontaneous remissions — “an unexpected improvement or cure from a disease that usually progresses” — from cancer … Continue reading A Personal Cure for Cancer? Not as Strange as You Think →

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