New Complaints Arise

At Manhattan Park, Do You Believe You're Billed for Electricity Unfairly?

David Stone
Multiplex meters inside a Manhattan Park utility closet.
Multiplex meters inside a Manhattan Park utility closet.

When we backed away from the frustrating story of trying to resolve countless claims of overcharges in billing for electricity at Manhattan Park, it was because, after working cooperatively with our group for months, RIOC - Manhattan Park's landlord - suddenly and under suspicious circumstances - dumped us. But new evidence of violations leads us to giving it another look and, hopefully, to getting RIOC to join us in investigating possible violations.

What's Your Story?

In fairness, we're eager to hear positive as well as negative and neutral accounts of your experiences with being billed for electricity by Manhattan Park and its business partner QuadLogic. It may turn out that suspicions of overcharges are wrong, but we don't know yet.

Email your comments in complete privacy to this writer:

A brief summary...

Manhattan Park is legally authorized to act as a public utility under state law. It's known as "sub metering."

Because sub metering is controversial and has been abused in the past, there are strict rules about what's allowed under state law and additional requirements embedded in Manhattan Park's ground lease with RIOC. All have been in force (if not enforced) for more than 25 years.

If you are satisfied that your electrical billing is fair and accurate, please let us know. We want to be fair.

If you're not quite sure or have questions, we want to know that too.

If you feel you have been unfairly charged for electricity, let us know...

  • Why you think you have been wrongly billed
  • What steps you took to resolve the problem
  • What if any response you got from Manhattan Park management

Each of the above items leads into Manhattan Park's legal responsibilities and whether or not they are being met under sub metering regulations and/or RIOC's ground lease. We will get back to you with follow up questions, if necessary.

Please send all responses, good, bad or in-between, by email to

We are eager to hear from you.


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