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Bubble Cool Update: Reopened Saturday

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Holiday Decorations were strung outside Bubble Cool, last week, while the shop remained closed.
Holiday Decorations were strung outside Bubble Cool, last week, while the shop remained closed.
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Update, Sunday, November 18th, 2018: I visited with Bubble Cool's owners on Friday as they worked to clean up the store before reopening. The fine reported earlier had been paid, and they were waiting for the Department of Health to take down the closed sign. That happened in time for them to reopen on Saturday.

"We are closed not because of critical violations. We are closed because (our) establishment permit (was) not renewed, which can be fixed within a day. It is just an administration process," Bubble Cool's owner wrote. We have no reason to doubt his honesty, but the story's more complicated.

(Read our previous article here.)

Bubble Cool's owner also provided this statement from DOH:

Violations recorded in the following area (s), a Notice of Violation issued and establishment ordered closed by the Department of Health at the conducted on 11/01/2018. 

We have not been able to verify that statement on DOH's website, but it adds confusion to circumstances that ought to be clear. As Bubble Cool's owner points out, accurate information is vital to his business.

The owner tells us that the reason his establishment permit has not been renewed "... is because we were in the process of disputing one ticket from last year, but in order to renew the permit, you have to make sure no ticket/fine owed."

That's consistent with the notice DOH posted in Bubble Cool's window.

"Right now," he says, "we have no choice but to pay the fine first in order to renew our permit."

As soon as that is done, DOH is expected to post a rating, which could be A, B or C, but the last inspection showed 39 points in violations, which translates to a C. Ownership thinks a "Pending" grade is more accurate.

Bubble Cool's owner believes that rating is unfair. 

A hearing about it is scheduled for November 19th, and the owner says, "we already hired legal advisor to help us."

Some violations cover items that passed before and have not changed.

"If there is something wrong, we would have those violation from first time."

The good news, the owner tells us, is, "We will reopen some day next week, depending on which day the health department officer come to take off the sign."

That occurs, if the owner's statements are correct, after the outstanding fine is paid.


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