The garden at the CBN/RI Senior Center
The garden at the CBN/RI Senior Center
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

Weeders wanted! If you have grandchildren, others visiting for the summer or kids eager for something constructive to do, the Senior Center at 546 Main Street wants their help in making their beautiful garden even better. 

The garden at CBN/RI Senior Center is a treat for visitors, brightening once neglected space with a vibrant outburst of green and floral colors.

But as you can see...

Weeders needed...
Weeders needed...
© David Stone / Rossevelt Island Daily

...weeds are a problem.

Youngsters have already started removing the weeds, but more help is needed.

Got young hands and legs ready to help make a better community?

Got kids? The Roosevelt Island Senior Center needs eager weeders...

Stop by and ask for Yulisa or Lisa. Or email Yulisa Santana ( or Lisa Fernandez ( for more information. Phone: (212) 750-3952