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UPDATE: Citi Bike Pilot On Roosevelt Island

The new Southpoint Docking Station keeps company with The Blue Dragon near the entrance.
The new Southpoint Docking Station keeps company with The Blue Dragon near the entrance.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Sylvan Klein
On Thursday, March 5, 2020, The Board of Directors of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) approved a pilot program to allow at least four (4) new bike share stations on Roosevelt Island. A scheduled spring opening was delayed by the coronavirus until June, and three of the docking stations are now in place.

Note: the following informational press release is contributed by a Citi Bike representative.
Docking Station strategically placed between the Tram Plaza and the NYC Ferry Landing
Docking Station strategically placed between the Tram Plaza and the NYC Ferry Landing
Photo credit: Courtesy of Sylvan Klein

Residents and visitors alike will be able to use the bikes to access various shops, restaurants and historic landmarks throughout the island, as well as access transportation hubs such as the tramway, subway and ferry. 

Citi Bike customers will be able to ride on Roosevelt Island’s promenades along the East River, which offer breathtaking views of midtown Manhattan and Long Island City in Queens. Riders can visit Four Freedoms State Park at the southern end, the different shops and restaurants along Main Street and continue up to the historic northern end of the island where the new Nellie Bly Memorial will be opened later this year. Citi Bike’s presence on Roosevelt Island is part of Governor Cuomo’s vision for green transportation alternatives that reduce greenhouse emissions and promotes healthier living for all New Yorkers. 

“Under the leadership of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, RIOC is proud to be able to offer a wide range of sustainable transportation opportunities to our residents and visitors,” said Susan Rosenthal, President and CEO of RIOC. “Working alongside our partner Lyft, we look forward to offering our community an affordable, convenient, and healthy way to get around our beautiful island.”
Citi Bike Docking Station at the base of the Roosevelt Island Bridge Helix.
Citi Bike Docking Station at the base of the Roosevelt Island Bridge Helix.
© David Stone/Roosevelt Island Daily

“As we work to double the Citi Bike network over the coming years, Lyft is thrilled to put forward a proposal to bring Citi Bike to the Roosevelt Island community,” said Laura Fox, Citi Bike General Manager. “Citi Bike plays a variety of roles across our city: a quick connection to the closest subway; an affordable option to get in some exercise; and now with our new ebikes, a no-sweat ride over an East River bridge. We are grateful to RIOC for their partnership on this proposal and hope that Roosevelt Island residents will soon discover the benefits of bikeshare themselves and incorporate Citi Bike into their daily lives.” 

"Citi Bike share for Roosevelt Island was one of my first campaign promises,” said council member Ben Kallos, whose Fifth District includes Roosevelt Island. “It was also the first resolution we passed through RIRA and CB8M as a candidate to represent Roosevelt Island in the City Council. Now, the years of work to make this happen are paying off. Over the years my office has worked through multiple owners of Citi Bike to pursue this expansion while eliminating costs to the Island and securing permission from the Department of Transportation. I look forward to working with RIOC, RIRA, and residents on a roll-out that makes a Citi Bike an integral part of Roosevelt Island. Whether it is to Four Freedoms or from Lighthouse Park or destinations in between, Citi Bike is going to make getting around Roosevelt Island more convenient and more fun. Thank you to Governor Cuomo and RIOC President Rosenthal for helping make this a reality.” 

Expansion to Roosevelt Island comes as Lyft moves forward on its previously-announced $100 million investment to improve, strengthen and expand Citi Bike over the coming years -- doubling its current service area by thirty-five square miles and more than tripling its number of bikes to nearly 40,000. And as Lyft expands its physical footprint, it is also expanding its programming to ensure Citi Bike is equitable and accessible to the communities it serves. Lyft recently announced an innovative new LyftUp partnership with the YMCA to provide thousands of young people with free, one-year bike share memberships in Lyft-operated bike share systems like Citi Bike. This program complements the existing Reduced Fare Bike Share program, presented by Healthfirst, which provides $5 a month Citi Bike memberships to New Yorkers who receive SNAP benefits or reside in NYCHA developments.


About Citi Bike 

Citi Bike is New York City's bike share system, and the largest and most popular in the nation with more than 90 million rides taken to date across more than 13,000 bikes at nearly 900 stations. Over the coming years, Citi Bike will greatly expand into new neighborhoods as Citi Bike doubles its service area by 35 square miles and triples the number of bikes in the fleet to 40,000. Annual memberships are $169 for 365 days of unlimited 45-minute rides, and New Yorkers who live in NYCHA developments or receive SNAP benefits can access Citi Bike for only $5 a month through Reduced Fare Bike Share, presented by Healthfirst. Citi Bike is now available in the Lyft app, where customers can find real-time station information and unlock bikes. Learn more at
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