Island Services Committee Seeks to Involve Residents

November 30th, Freshly Reconstituted Common Council's First Step at Inclusion

Updated 11 weeks ago
Closing the Octagon Soccer Field is on the ISC agenda.
Closing the Octagon Soccer Field is on the ISC agenda.
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In an unprecedented move, RIRA Common Council Member and Island Services Committee Chair, Rossana Ceruzzi, released a proposed agenda for her committee's next meeting, aiming to involve residents in decision making.

Upon election, new RIRA President Lynne Shinozaki promised changes aimed at involving more residents in the Common Council's operations. Rossana Ceruzzi's move makes a good start.

On behalf of the Island Services Committee, set to meet November 30th at 5:30 p.m. in the Party Room at, 425 Main Street, she published the following Preliminary agenda, inviting anyone who wishes to attend, adding, "People might want to suggest or add new topics/issues to the agenda."

  • Octagon Soccer field closure
  • Youth Services: Reinstating the music program for kids and adults
  • Sportspark: Rates, New & old issues
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Dog run Update -- Scott Piro
  • Garbage removal issues
  • F train schedule and weekends / Follow up
  • Public water fountains/Follow up -- Frank Farance
  • RIOC vehicles parking on grass and sidewalks -- Scott Piro

Contact Ceruzzi at with comments or questions.


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