David Stone
We Support the "Unqualified Lesbian"
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Has pressure turned Andrew Cuomo into a political klutz, or has the real man suddenly been exposed? Challenged by Cynthia Nixon in the race for New York Governor, the man who's already in the office fumbled his way through a week in which he snarked Jews and his surrogate, Christine Quinn, opted for gay bashing. Is this New York or what?

At The Daily, we've made clear our support for Nixon, if for no other reason because Governor Cuomo has made a mess of Roosevelt Island by way of RIOC, an agency he controls. The agency is headed by executives who are there, not because of their abilities but for their politcal allegiance. Disregard for local values and institutions is blatant

Today, we're delighted to let you know that you can make a small, $5.00 contribution to Cynthia Nixon's campaign and get an Unqualified Lesbian button as your reward. 

We think it's a great way to show support for a better Roosevelt Island.