David Stone
Planned for Roosevelt Island in the "near future."
Planned for Roosevelt Island in the "near future."

"To clarify, Roosevelt Island is included in the expansion and due to the deal with Lyft to expand Citi Bike, Roosevelt Island Operating Corp is not obligated to pay for docking stations," a DOT spokesperson wrote to The Daily yesterday. The obstacles for bike sharing here are gone.

We reported yesterday that the stumbling block holding up Citi Bike's docking stations on Roosevelt Island was a demand that RIOC cough up a substantial fee for the installation. That was first reported on the Roosevelt Islander blog.

But a representative for Ben Kallos speculated that, since that demand was made three years ago, it may not be current. The requirement was delivered by Motivate, Citi Bike's original owner.

Last year, Lyft acquired the bike sharing service.

Along with a fresh push for bike sharing by the the City, the change in ownership seems to have delivered a change in attitude.

Lyft and DOT have committed to Citi Bike docking stations on Roosevelt Island, and RIOC's fee has been dropped.

How soon it will happen, we don't know, but RIOC is on it.

“I’m very happy to hear about this change in the Citi Bike program," RIOC President/CEO Susan Rosenthal told The Daily. "My staff and I look forward to discussing the idea of bringing Citi Bike to Roosevelt Island with NYC DOT in the near future.” 

The term "near future" is squishy, we know. It fits an extended time frame, but we will work to keeping it in focus.

Regardless of your feelings about increasing bicycle use on Roosevelt Island, it's a privilege many New Yorkers share with enthusiasm. Roosevelt Island should not be left out.

We hope the riding community will stir up the same enthusiasm for bicycle safety and make the privilege a benefit without forcing unacceptable risks on everyone else.