2018 Teen Musical's a Perfect Fit

TODAY: Last Chance, The Drowsy Chaperone in the Howe Theatre, MST&DA

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TODAY: Last Chance, The Drowsy Chaperone in the Howe Theatre, MST&DA

Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance's teen musical for 2018, The Drowsy Chaperone, is a perfect fit for a versatile performance group generating excitement with local talent and collaboration.

Unlike most Broadway musicals, The Drowsy Chaperone did not start our as a workshop in a Theatre District loft where creators and performers spend months ironing out the kinks and polishing a near final project before public rehearsals.

Instead, it was born in Toronto as an amateur production for the stag party of Bob Martin, who later becomes a character in the Broadway incarnation, and Janet van de Graaf, whose name goes on loan to a whimsical Sutton Foster, the female lead. The accidental hit takes 9 more years to evolve into final form at the Marquis Theatre in 2006.

A zany group of characters brought together for a wedding - Janet van de Graaf, The Drowsy Chaperone (Beth Leavel), Robert Martin (Troy Britton Johnson), Janet's husband to be, and Danny Burstein's goofball seducer Aldolpho - wildly counterpoint the real Bob Martin's wistful and lonely Man in Chair.

See a video with the original Broadway cast below.

There are also budding romances between a pair of aging domestics and a producer with a daffy showgirl plus a pair of gangsters disguised as pastry chefs.

The dynamics provide material for all manner of miscues and mistaken identities rolled up in music and humor.

And tying it all together, honest, is the best man's pursuit of a minister to perform the wedding ceremony. Through it all wobbles The Drowsy (intoxicated) Chaperone herself whose As We Stumble Along is as hilarious a tribute to a misspent life as you'll find anywhere else.

Now, under the direction of veteran Jacqueline Lucid with musical stewardship by Jonathan Fadner and choreography for the Howe Theatre stage by Joan Marie, Roosevelt Island's talented teens get to do their thing with this rich trove of performance material.

Featured are:

Georgia Bobo
Ana Clara Carvalho Bonet
Bryan Cusick
Max Dorfgmann
Isabel Humphrey
Adrian Korin
Maya Levanon
Marcus Lopez
Dylan Marfey
Joli Muller
Shaibya Neupane
Madison Rodriguez
Olivia Schaefer
Michael Tang

Again, this year, the community gets involved with the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association bringing life to the stage with original scenic designs and Call Me Crazy Dancer's John Curtis chipping in choreographic assistance on the tap number, Cold Feet.

The Drowsy Chaperone premieres Friday evening, June 1st, and continues with performances through the weekend. Reserve your tickets here.


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