E Trains Replace F Trains To And From Roosevelt Island

MTA Identity Crisis: No F Trains for Roosevelt Island This Weekend But...

David Stone
E Trains Replace Fs, This Weekend
E Trains Replace Fs, This Weekend
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

Panic set in quickly when we saw that F Trains were being rerouted away from Roosevelt Island, all weekend, running instead on the E Line. But tip of the hat to RIOC for discovering the wacky solution.

So, you might wonder, what are E Trains doing while Fs are running along their rails?

There's an "only in New York..." no, make that "only with the MTA" answer:

" Trains run via the  between 21 St-Queensbridge and 34 St-Herald Sq, the last stop.      trains provide alternate service."

We get full service, just not F Trains. We get Es instead.

And how about that? The F is an alternative to the E alternative we're getting...

Yes, this has happened once before recently, but it's still best not to try to understand. Just enjoy the ride and wait for reality to return.

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