RIOC Tarred by Leitner Poma Screw Up

About Monday's Poorly Managed Tram Shut Down

David Stone
Roosevelt Island Tram file photo
Roosevelt Island Tram file photo
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

"Hopefully, I’m finished yelling for the night……" RIOC President/CEO Susan Rosenthal sums up an irritating and potentially dangerous mess from a Tram shutdown poorly managed by contractor Leitner-Poma.

"I am as angry as those parents (whose kids got mixed up in the shutdown)," Rosenthal told The Daily.

"A special notice should have gone out, and this will not happen again.  POMA has been told that in the event of any emergency,  management must be notified first so that an appropriate public statement can be sent."

An unavoidable emergency shutdown confounded residents when RIOC Advisories sent this message: "Due to required maintenance on the Tram, there will be NO Tram service between the hours of 3:00PM and 5:00PM on Tues, 9/12/17."

Although "emergency wheel replacement" is far from "required maintenance," the worst gaff was when the announcement came a half-hour after the shutdown began, at 3:32, while kids and other commuters were already on the way to Roosevelt Island.

A longtime resident put it plainly, "RIOC & Poma must do better. I'm sure there will be other disruptions during these next few months."

Susan Rosenthal promises that they will.

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