David Stone
Daily: Free Guided Tours  of New York's Most Scenic Historic Park

For the second time since the founding of the nation, on January 6th, 1941, the United States changed the world when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered his legendary Four Freedoms speech. Architect Louis Kahn designed FDR Four Freedoms Park as a memorial to the man and his declaration. Now, free tours, through September, are set to walk visitors through history, explaining how these great men came to leave immortal marks on the world on Roosevelt Island. 

Designed brilliantly by Louis Kahn, filling the tapered southern tip of Roosevelt Island, FDR Four Freedoms Park is an unforgettable visitor experience. Manhattan’s towering Midtown skyline, including the United Nations, keeps its distance across the East River.

Visitors walk sculpted pathways under shady trees or an open meadow that leads to a bust of FDR and The Room devoted to the Four Freedoms:

Conservatory Guides explain their relevance, answer questions and welcome discussion.

All tours include discussion of Louis Kahn’s groundbreaking architecture and the inspiration behind the making of the park.

FDR Four Freedoms was the famous architect’s last design. He died of a heart attack in Penn Station with the blueprint still in his pocket in 1974.

A group determined that the memory of FDR’s speech be kept alive finally saw their dream come true in 2012 with the park’s opening.

Learn about both, this summer.

Weather permitting, half-hour tours commence at 12:30 and 3:00 p.m. every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, on a first come first served basis.

Additional information is available on FDR Four Freedoms website, or email Gabe Tennen, Manager of Visitor Experience, at gtennen@fdrffp.org.