FDR Four Freedoms Park, Partnered with RIOC, Hosts

FDR Four Freedoms with RIOC, Not RIRA Common Council, Host Cherry Blossom Festival

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FDR Four Freedoms with RIOC, Not RIRA Common Council, Host Cherry Blossom Festival
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A grotesquely mismanaged action by a Common Council committee, aimed at raising a whopping $25,000 to oversee this year's Cherry Blossom Festival, provoked multiple resignations from the already depleted group. Now, according to RIOC's Facebook Page, they are playing no significant role at all.

Typical of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation's historically inexplicable communications, no press release or other local advisory appeared. Instead, the State agency controlled by Governor Andrew Cuomo posted the news on Facebook.

Here's how the announcement showed up on RIOC's Facebook Page, two days ago.


Cherry Blossom Festival

Public · Hosted by Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park and Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation of the State of New York

FDR Four Freedoms Park hosting the major seasonal event, with support by RIOC, makes sense. The conservancy that manages the park is well-known for its professionalism and execution from numerous successful events over the years.

No information about performances or schedules has so far been released.

As we've reported, RIRA's Common Council is at its core a political advocacy organization. Its essential responsibility is not in organizing social events or Island promotions, but in being the community's voice as a counterbalance against RIOC's decades of overreach in local affairs.

Despite countless embarrassing stumbles, the Common Council remains our only popularly elected body and a much needed bulwark in defending resident values and interests. Why resources are wasted on festivals and Easter Egg Hunts while the core mission founders has never been explained.

A serious drawback in the current Cherry Blossom Festival setup is that local residents are invited to apply for tickets without any preference. (Go to RIOC's Facebook Page to request tickets through Eventbrite.)

Although tickets are certainly limited due to safety concerns in the park, neither RIOC nor host FDR Four Freedoms has said what the quota is, and since tickets have been available for two days already, fast action by anyone hoping to attend is recommended.

Inspired by cherry blossoms...

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