Short Notice But Be Advised

Filming Today on Roosevelt Island

Late yesterday, RIOC announced that "filming" would be taking place today at the "northern end of the island." Movie or TV? Who knows? Here's the skimpy information released by the State:

On Tuesday August 27th, 2019 a production will be filming several scenes on Roosevelt Island between the hours of 3:30PM and 9:30PM. Filming will take place at the northern end of the Island, with a scene taking place under the helix during the day. Please be advised that the scene will involve actors in police uniform using prop weaponry. PSD personnel will be on hand throughout the shooting to ensure the safety of our residents and stakeholders. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic may be rerouted during filming. Please follow all signage and directions of flag personnel and PSD officers.

It's not much to go on and very short notice, but do try to spread the word.

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