Frank Farance and Ron Davidson Cited by the Mayor and First Lady

Two Top Roosevelt Islander Volunteers Among those Honored at Gracie Mansion Event

David Stone
Frank Farance & Ron Davidson, exemplary Roosevelt Island volunteers
Frank Farance & Ron Davidson, exemplary Roosevelt Island volunteers

Because of their volunteer work, among other things, Frank Farance and Ron Davidson are familiar faces around Roosevelt Island. They didn't escape mayoral attention either as Bill de Blasio and First Lady Chirlane McCray welcomed them to Gracie Mansion for a NYC Volunteers Count Recognition Ceremony.

"Frank Farance and I ​were invited to the​ ​annual​ Mayoral Service Recognition Ceremony​ at Gracie Mansion," Davidson reports. Until we saw each other in the crowd, neither of us ​knew that there would be another Roosevelt Islander at the event.​

"Taking a cue from the speakers we heard at Gracie Mansion last night, I'm ​​only​ ​​beginning to ​understand​ ​why we​ ​need to acknowledge how our​experiences​ may encourage others.

"In our small island context, it's a mistake not to let everyone know ​about Roosevelt Islanders who ​were among the 400+ New Yorkers who ​clocked more than 500 ​volunteer ​hours in 2017."

Added Farance, "Thanks Ron for the summary, and I agree with his points. Volunteer work is really important, and it's something that many people should make time for ... even a couple hours a week. There are many places to volunteer, not just CERT or the Senior Center. One can volunteer at any of the City's parks, helping the homeless, volunteering at the VA or a hospital (e.g., Coler Hospital on the Island), and a zillion other places." 

See NYC Service opportunities at

First Lady McCray and EMS Commissioner Joseph Esposito addressed the gathering.

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