Race for the 5th Distict

Republican Frank Spotorno Challenges Ben Kallos for City Council

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Frank Spotorno, Republican Challenger in the 5th City Council District
Frank Spotorno, Republican Challenger in the 5th City Council District
Photo Courtesy of Frank Spotorno Campaign

Businessman Frank Spottorno is running on the Republican Party line in a drive to unseat incumbent Ben Kallos in the 5th City Council District. The district covers the Upper East Side as well as Roosevelt Island.

"On behalf of the far too many New Yorkers who do not have jobs, on the behalf of the small business owners who can barely function due to excess regulations, because of the devastation that has been endured by the middle class, and on behalf of all Americans who are furious that their nation has been endangered by the terrible foreign policies and lack of attention to national Security, I am proud to announce my candidacy for New York City Council 5th District," says Frank Spotorno on his campaign website.

A new name in local politics, Spotorno founded Park Avenue Elevator Designs, a company that constructs elevator cabs in Queens in 1992. In 2008 he, also, became the CEO of Parkline Elevator Inspections Inc., an elevator inspection company that ensures public safety.

Spotorno is married and has a son.

“We need a City Council member from the upper east side that stands up for the working families, and residents, who want their streets clean and their neighborhoods safe, and the subways running properly. Right now, they have a rubber stamp for the Mayor serving them and I think it’s time for a change,” is Spotorno's central argument.

As a candidate, Spotorno believes the most important issue facing the district is the highly unpopular Waste Transfer Station.

He concedes that his Democratic opponent also opposes it, “But the dump keeps getting built and is set to open in two years. The people of the district have done their job opposing it, now they need a councilman who will stand up to City Hall for their interests.

"I don’t care what it takes, lawsuits, protests, by all means necessary," he continues. "The Council and the Mayor need to realize that the hundreds of garbage trucks driving through a community of neighborhoods, apartment buildings, schools and parks is the absolutely wrong place to put a Waste Transfer Station.”

Last year, Spotorno took on another Democrat, running unsuccessfully against Joe Crowley in the 14th Congressional District.

The Republican stands apart from party orthodoxy by taking a strong stand in favor of unions.

“New York City is undergoing a redevelopment boom," he notes, "and we need to hire American, union workers on all job sites. We also need to E-Verify all employees on job sites. I hire American, union workers in my shop. They pay their taxes and live by the laws of our country.”

Of particular interest to Roosevelt Islanders, Campaign Manager Dan Murphy tells The Daily that "...if elected he (Spotorno) will move his residence from the Upper East Side to Roosevelt Island," a unique position for a unique candidate.

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