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Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Monday Afternoon on Roosevelt Island

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Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Monday Afternoon on Roosevelt Island

It's true. Monday afternoon, a Ben & Jerry's ice cream truck will pull up to Good Shepherd Plaza at 3:00 and dish out frozen treats until 5:00. It's gift from movie producers in return for our enduring a helicopter landing at Cornell Tech in the morning.

"Please be advised that a helicopter scene for an upcoming movie will be shot on Roosevelt Island’s Cornell Tech campus on Monday, July 8th between the hours of 6:00AM and 10:00AM. The north loop bus service will be closed during these times," RIOC said in a notice emailed Friday afternoon.

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"Since filming will take place solely on Cornell Tech property, RIOC has no jurisdiction to grant or deny the filming request. However, RIOC staff and PSD have insisted that the helicopter must approach the island from the southeast and only over water before it lands on the Cornell Tech campus," RIOC added, defensively, anticipating complaints certain to come.

One resident told The Daily, "Hopefully, this helicopter, like the current barrage of VERY LOW-FLYING float plaines, sea planes & all the OTHER helicopters, will not hit the Tram or the 59th Street Bridge."

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"The helicopter will not fly anywhere near our residential buildings and no island operations – save for the temporary closure of the north loop – will be impacted during filming," according to RIOC.

No word on the other structures. 

But for Roosevelt Islanders bugged by the filming, it's not so much a matter of safety concerns. It's longstanding frustration with noise pollution from helicopters ferrying business people between appointments and tourists ponying up cash for a birds eye view, many using the East River as a visual guide.

"The traffic over the West Channel & the Island itself has been merciless at times since Memorial Day," a resident wrote.

It's exasperation shared with other communities around Manhattan who've complained about the seasonal, thundering pulses invading from above for years and to no avail. Complaints are frequently framed in safety concerns, but it's really more visceral.

Anyone hoping to enjoy a peaceful summer afternoon outdoors on Roosevelt Island gets it. The repetitious thunder of passing helicopters blots out any hope for serenity.

We do have one thing, though, that none of the others have: free Ben & Jerry's, from 3:00 to 5:00 Monday afternoon. 

See you there. Maybe we can all get together for the world's largest Jersey salute to greet the first helicopter to thunder by. 

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