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Get your free sample of culture! MST&DA Open House, January 26th

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Get your free sample of culture! MST&DA Open House, January 26th
Photo credit: MST&DA, Kristi Towey

Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance is a performing arts center of gravity on Roosevelt Island and extending well beyond. Find out why this institution thrives with a free demo class during their Open House on January 26th. Details...

Join us for a FREE class on January 26th at our Spring Open House.

New to MST&DA? Come meet teachers and staff to learn more about our programming and classes we offer for the whole family.

Currently a student? Try something new! We are so excited to have the whole family!

*To reserve a spot in our Open House Demo Classes listed below, email info@mstda.org with the class name, time, student name, date of birth, and contact for parent. Space is limited so reservations are necessary for entry to class. Limit two reservations per student.

Please note age requirements for the classes below. You can also check our website schedule here - http://www.mstda.org/spring-19-schedule.html


9:30-10am Playmakers for ages 18 mos - 3yrs Renwick Room
10:00-10:30am Creative Pre-Ballet ages 3-4.5 Renwick Room
9:30-10:15am Ballet I & II ages 6+ Large Dance Studio
10:30-11am Mini Musical Theatre ages 6 & 7 Large Dance Studio
11-11:30am Pre-Ballet ages 4.5 yrs up to age 6 Renwick Room
10:30-11am Tap ages 4+ Renwick Room
11-11:30am Family Capoeira ages 2+ Large Dance Studio
11:30-12pm Open Level Capoeira - all ages 5+ Large Dance Studio
11:30-12pm Teen Hip Hop & Choreography Ages 13+ Renwick Room
12:00-1pm Introduction to Breakdancing Ages 10+ Large Dance Studio


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